see you in disneyland

hi i'm helena

sushi master

serial killer afficionado


Anonymous said: lol you dumb bitch creaming yourself over serial killers but gets insulted when ppl bring up you being raped. Someone go rape this bitch again she'll probably like it

Who’s insulted? Grow up :-)

  -  12 October

Anonymous said: hearing that you got raped and abused turns me on so much


Anonymous said: see you understand where I'm coming from too, I'm a muslim and even though I'm not a terrorist I'm a rapist and I should have equal rights to say not all men

please don’t talk to me thanks

Anonymous said: Why are you getting hate lol

i’ll be damned if i know like i barely come on this site anymore 

Anonymous said: kill yourself

not rn mb l8r

Anonymous said: hope you get beaten and raped, see how your stupid fetishes play out

what makes u think i haven’t already nice to meet you thank you goodbye :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said: youre fucking retarded

thnx bae

Anonymous said: what the fucj is wrong with you jesus christ

many a thing

Anonymous said: lol the people giving you hate are like my do a great job at fending them off lmao

tehy’re morons i don’t even fend them off they;r just dumb 

Anonymous said: You're a disgusting human being grow some morals you disgusting fuck and have some empathy. What if they killed your family? Do you actually care about people or your disgusting fantasies?

who r u i don’t care about u