see you in disneyland

hi i'm helena

sushi master

serial killer afficionado


Anonymous said: I would like to do some pretty dirty stuff with you.



Like wut


Marry me x x

Anonymous said: I would like to do some pretty dirty stuff with you.

Like wut

Anonymous said: Hearing that you got abused makes me want to hold your hand and cuddle whenever you recall those memories. I just want you to bury your fave in my neck as I hold you and tell you its ok whenever you want. But I'm not on your continent so its unfortunate:(

I don’t tend to think about it. It only affects me on really really low days. Otherwise it has only changed me for the better and I don’t mention it to anyone unless necessary ☺️

Anonymous said: hearing that you got raped and abused turns me on so much

Each to their own x x

Anonymous said: see you understand where I'm coming from too, I'm a muslim and even though I'm not a terrorist I'm a rapist and I should have equal rights to say not all men

please don’t talk to me thanks

Anonymous said: Why are you getting hate lol

i’ll be damned if i know like i barely come on this site anymore 

Anonymous said: kill yourself

not rn mb l8r

Anonymous said: hope you get beaten and raped, see how your stupid fetishes play out

what makes u think i haven’t already nice to meet you thank you goodbye :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said: youre fucking retarded

thnx bae

Anonymous said: what the fucj is wrong with you jesus christ

many a thing